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Here is a sample 2018 abstract from Jeroen Lapré. We hope to see him again in 2020!
Jeroen Lapré

"Arthur C. Clarke's Maelstrom II: A Work in Progress & The Coral Reef Dome at the Academy of Science"
Digital Artist Jeroen Lapré realized a childhood dream by working on the Star Wars Prequels Episodes I, II, and III, while he worked at Industrial Light and Magic. Jeroen's ILM visual effects career spanned 1997-2008. During that time, Jeroen befriended NASA computer scientist Jay Trimble. Whom introduced Jeroen to the Late Sir Arthur C. Clarke. Jeroen proposed a short science-based digital drama, based on the short story Maelstrom II, written by Clarke. It was first published in Playboy, April 1962. Arthur granted the short film rights to Jeroen in the year 2001. Mr. Lapré has been chipping away at this passion project ever since. With the help of volunteers in the visual effects and digital animation industries, Jeroen and his volunteer team are slowly, but surely making progress. Jeroen looks forward to sharing that progress with you at CONTACT 2018. Jeroen will also present his work on the Coral Reef Dome show production at the Academy of Sciences.