Karen Anderson

Karen and Poul were friends from about '92 until Poul's passing. When Karen began the decluttering operation needed to host her family, sell their home of 40 some years and move to LA, she called on me. On one of these trips to Orinda, I stopped in a Hayward hardware store to pick up some things we would need and happened to look up at a television set. People were talking about an airliner flying into a building in New York. It was September 11. We spent the day in Orinda dealing with our new world and saying goodbye to our old. There was wine, there were tears, and lots and lots of dusty books, filing cabinets, and papers. She moved south and our time together faded away, though we did share a few CONTACTs and had a memorable expedition to Mt. Wilson to look through the 60" telescope. Karen was a renaissance woman in many respects, with an unquenchable thirst for learning that had no boundaries; she was as conversant with red dwarfs, as with Russian politics, Viking sword fighting, growing legumes...there was no end. Yet, of course, all things end. She often had little time for fools, but had made some for me, for which I will be eternally grateful.

-Gerald Nordley

Karen was the Grand Dame of CONTACT and whatever group she chose to associate herself with. Intense, personal and passionate, she commanded respect everywhere. We were honored that she included us among her tribe, and her history with our members was long and rich with fond memories. My first meeting with her was when I dove fully-clothed into the hotel pool and emerged to see Poul and her watching, in no way astonished but tolerantly amused. One of my fondest memories was her singing to me on my birthday at CONTACT 2000. We raise our glasses to a Great Lady.

-Jim Funaro